Ultimate library of bathroom products for your bathroom design

For your bathroom design, you should consider seven groups of products to consider choosing for your bathroom design. (1), bathroom suites; (2), Bathroom furniture; (3) Baths; (4) Shower Mixer; (4) Taps; (5) Radiators and (7) Finishing Accessories. Bathroom Suites.

Bathroom design of a house in Edinburgh; design- © HaticeXInterior

1-Bathroom Suites


The bathroom suites are the combination of basin and toilet in various styles. The advantage of bathroom suites is you can go along with the same style of both products with an affordable budget, with good quality and stylish options.

First criteria are how affordable your bathroom suite is. The special suite packs allow you get everything in one go, making things easier for you and offering even better value. 
Second, you can get good quality and a reliable bathroom suite easily from trusted suppliers in the market. 
Third, the style of the bathroom suites is various to select in any style that you like to have. The bathroom suites combine form and function beautifully, offering stylish space-saving options. 

Always go to the bathroom when you have a chance.

– King George V
Bathroom suite having bath, sink and toilet; source – soak.com

2- Bathroom Furniture


The bathroom furniture allow you additional and required storage that you need.  Both options for module solutions and fully fitted ranges are available in a variety of styles, finishes and sizes to allow you to create your dream bathroom.

A fully fitted bathroom combines excellent storage capacity with a stylish, neat and tidy bathroom. Again there are different styles and also a different way of standing options. You can select either wall mounted floating options or floor standing units.

The advantage of good quality furniture in your bathroom is to create the luxury feel you look for. 

– Hatice Ozhisar
Wall-mounted bathroom storage furniture; source – r2bathrooms
Floor standing storage furniture; source- soak.com

3- Baths


The bath is the centrepiece of your bathroom, so it is important that it sets the tone and style as well as offering a practical solution. 
The option for the bath that you can choose is material, type and style. 

A- Material:

The bath material can be either acrylic or steel.  Acrylic is the most popular bath material throughout the UK. It is easy to transport and install thanks to its lightweight properties. It has good heat retention and it is excellent value for money and cost-effective. When you touch, it is warmer than the steel. Since it is non-porous: it is easy to clean and remove scratches.

On the other hand, steel is also very commonly used throughout the UK, because it is stronger and more durable than acrylic.  It is resilient and almost impossible to stretch. Whilst cold to the touch it’s a great heat conductor. You shouldn’t worry about corrosion, because the chemical and UV light resistant properties prevent discolouring. As a 100% recyclable material, steel is an eco-friendly choice.

B- Type:

The type of the bath depends on both the size of your bathroom and your preferred style you are looking for. There are basically four types of bath types, which you can pick any style ranging from traditional to contemporary modern. 

The first type is the ‘Single-ended bath’ that is a simple rectangular bath having taps installed at one end. This style provides a single backrest for comfort. As a popular and practical design, they come in numerous sizes for a wide variety of bathroom space. 

The second type is the ‘Double-ended Bath’ that usually has a centrally-mounted tap, enabling both ends free for use as backrests, or providing a generous bathing space. These baths are also perfect for families who want to bathe their beloved children. 

The third type is a ‘Free-standing bath’ that is the epitome of luxury. These baths create a real statement of sophistication in your bathroom. Both traditional and contemporary free-standing baths are available on the market. 

The fourth type is the ’Shower Bath’ that is perfect for the small bathroom. It gives the option of both showering and bath at the same time.  Families can bathe their children, and still have the efficiency of showering for themselves, even in a cramped bathroom. 

Single-ended bath; source- soak.com
Double-ended bath; source- soak.com
Free-standing bath; source- soak.com
Shower bath; source- soak.com

4- Shower Mixer –


There are variety of showers in a variety of styles to suit most of the tastes. The important factor is that the showers have thermostatic temperature control enabling extra safety and comfort. 

– Hatice Ozhisar

4- Shower Mixer :

The mixer showers usually deliver higher flow rates that are connected with both hot and cold water supplies. 

  1. First, ‘bar valves’ are ideal for homes with readily available hot water such as from a combi boiler or large capacity hot water cylinder. The hot water and cold water is mixed within the unit and the water is delivered through the shower. 
  2. Second; ‘Mini Valves’ are small stylish compact showers that are ideal for small bathrooms or en suite.
  3. Third; ’Thermostatic Exposed Valves’ create a bold statement in any bathroom.
  4. Fourth; ‘ERD Bar Valves’ are the minimalist look of the thermostatic showers. 
Thermostatic Exposed Valve; source – soak.com

4- Taps


The taps are important that they complete the outlook of the bathroom complementing the style of your bathroom, which may be either designed in minimalist or glam sophisticated. 
Basically you need to choose the tabs for your bath, basin, and shower.

The taps are in two types as they are functioning. The mixer taps are getting more popular, as you can manage the ideal temperature of the hot water in one flow. Whilst, the pillar taps are the traditional separate two taps. You have to use these taps with two tap hole basins. 
The bath shower mixer taps are the efficient way to get the best of both shower and bath. You save space, use both your shower and bath at the same time without losing separate spaces for each of them.

The mixer tap; source- soak.com
The pillar tap; source- soak.com

6- Radiators


You should carefully think of the radiators in your bathroom. Thanks to modern technology and creative industry, we have options for the style of the bathroom space and towel heat/dry up along with the heating. 
Two types are worth considering thinking of. The heated towel rails give off slightly less heat as they are designed to warm towels. However, if your main concern also includes the warming-up the whole room, then ‘Decorative radiators’ are the best option for your bathroom, which is usually as sleek as a heated towel. You can find various options from the modern contemporary to traditional Victorian and/or Edwardian.

Traditional radiator implemented in bathroom design in Edinburgh; ©HaticeXinterior

7- Finishing Accessories


There are variety of showers in a variety of styles to suit most of the tastes. The important factor is that the showers have thermostatic temperature control enabling extra safety and comfort. 

– Hatice Ozhisar
Accessories of the bathroom design in Edinburgh; ©HaticeXinterior

The bathroom accessories are the items that end/compliment the bathroom in function and aesthetic. The glass shelves, toilet roll holders, grab bars, towel rings &/or Towel rings, tumbler and holder, toilet brush and holders, storage baskets and mirrors are the accessories of finishing touches. 
Selection of the right accessories, therefore, is very important. The details and dimensions are vital for the functional details. The aesthetic is important whether to pick the suitable styles. For instance, the traditional style bathroom must have the traditional finishing accessories match with the general look of the bathroom. 

Accessories of the bathroom design in Edinburgh; ©HaticeXinterior

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