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Meet the founder

Dr. Hatice Ellis

Senior Architectural Designer

Hatice Ellis is an architect and designer with a comprehensive service for exclusive home designs. She helps in developing concept, planning permission and building warrant of architecture extensions as well loft and garage conversions; with providing project management and site visits.


HaticeXinterior Design and Architecture is a company in Edinburgh that helps people make design choices for their homes, investments, and commercial properties in creating exclusive and timeless spaces for our clients.

We provide assistance to clients throughout the UK and abroad who seek quality-conscious design choices.

Technology is changing everything around us, including the way we approach design. Innovative thinking and creative solutions are the keys to achieving future success, along with following and adopting new technology and design tools.

Hatice Ellis

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Living room design by HaticeXInterior for design consultancy and meetings
Our Goal

We provide an interior and architectural design assistance that is tailored specifically to our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

Our approach is highly personal, and we take the time to understand our clients’ needs and wants before developing a custom design solution that perfectly meets their needs. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home or office, or want to create a completely new space from scratch, HaticeXInterior can help.

Hatice is an experienced architectural and interior design firm with ten years of experience in creative building techniques. We can bring your vision to life by delivering quality, style and value that you are looking for!

What our clients say about us

Kirsty Biedul
Kirsty Biedul
Hatice has been incredible to work with! We bought a wee bungalow with an attic conversion and had a few things we wanted done, the first being having an internal wall taken down to make our kitchen bigger and adding some new walls to make some pantry and laundry room spaces. Hatice came to the house to take measurements then drew up the plans and walked us through everything brilliantly. She also submitted the plans to the council for us along with the structural engineer’s report. The kitchen is now 99% done and we are super chuffed! She is now working on our next project, rearranging the attic conversion to create an extra bedroom along with an en-suite and a walk in closet and we can’t wait to get started! We are so thrilled with what she has done for us and would highly recommend her for any project!
Nikita Per
Nikita Per
Hatice is brilliant. She does bespoke interior designs, finds the right people for the job and quality control of the whole process. She has incredible attention to detail. She designed all our offices, and they are cozy!
Cigdem Selli
Cigdem Selli
Hester Chatterton
Hester Chatterton
My husband and I hired Hatice to help us with our bathroom and it was such a good decision! Hatice was professional, came up with amazing suggestions and understood what we wanted immediately! If you need guidence or help with a project I cannot reccomend Hatice enough. Throughout working with her Hatice visited us several times, dropped off tiles samples she had ordered for us, visited with our bathroom guy and sent through several documents taking feedback from us all the way. Amazing work Hatice thank you!

Meet Our Team

Dr. Hatice Ellis

Director and Founder

PhD in Architecture, Middle East Technical University (METU)

MSc in Trade and Industry, The University of Manschester

Masters of Architecture and BArch (Hons), METU


This is a testimonial for Dr Hatice Ozhisar for the design and construction management that she undertook for my bathroom.

I worked with Dr Ozhisar from the beginning of my bathroom project til the end. I needed to replace my bathroom as the previous one was very dated and in bad repair. Through my solicitor, I was put in touch with Hatice.

She came to the house, surveyed the project, sat and interviewed me as to what I wanted, and showed some furniture catalogues. She then went away and worked up some preliminary designs, including some 3D images that really brought the ideas to life.

What I immediately noticed was how she had really listened to what I liked, what my vision was, and how she could translate that into a design. I also design things, and we can be precious about our ideas, but Hatice brought her own ideas to the project and was prepared to work with me, so we got a design we were both happy with.

Next, she arranged a team to come and quote for the work. This was extremely helpful, and I really appreciated the professionals she brought round for quoting the work, even though I went my own team, with my preferred plumber who replaced the boiler and has looked after the plumbing since I moved in three and a half years ago.

Having finalised a design and got a project team together, Hatice then acted as a professional shopper for me, visiting bathroom stores and making calls to get the best price for the equipment I wanted.

As a busy executive, it was absolutely delightful for me to know I could rely on her to source the equipment, negotiate prices, arrange delivery and have an eye for detail

She was as committed to getting the best product and deal within my budget as though the bathroom was hers.

She even decided to alter bath taps to match shower taps – and I knew when she said she’d done that, that it was going to be the right choice. She also managed the supplier when we wanted to swap out a cabinet for a different colour. Hatice worked with me on choosing the right tiles for the style of bathroom and was very receptive to my choices.

The bathroom was to be fitted whilst I was abroad on business, and I asked Hatice to project manage the team, and to work with them to get the fitting in line with the design. I know from my plumber that she was a delight to work with and really helped him manage the team and get everything right. Moreover, whilst in San Francisco, I got regular updates from her on progress – including some wonderful pictures of the construction work.

I am more than delighted with the result. And so very pleased I chose to work with Dr (Ozhisar) Ellis, a professional architect, to develop the design ideas and oversee the construction work whilst I was away.

Hatice really went the ‘extra mile’ by negotiating and organising the purchase of the goods, managing the supplier, choosing paint samples for me to select and helping the trade professionals deliver a beautiful room. Before I had the bathroom done, I used to say to people ‘oh, it maybe needs replacing but it’s only a bathroom, I don’t spend much time there’.

Now, I take immense pleasure in just cleaning my teeth and looking at the work! I commend Dr Ellis for her professionalism and design management skills, and am already know that my next project – a kitchen replacement – will be with her.

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Living room design by HaticeXInterior for design consultancy and meetings

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