Architecture &
Interiors Services

Residential and Commercial Interiors.

Architectural extensions, planning and building warrant aplications.

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Residential Interior Design

Full house and/or per room design.


Commercial Interior Design

Work places, Coffee Shops, Restaurants.


Architectural Design & Extensions

Architectural Design & Extensions


Online design

Wherever you are, we are happy to help by Skype/Face-time/WhatsApp meetings for your dream design.

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Design & Build

Do not hesitate to contact for our experienced builder team.


3D Visualisations

Before the kick start of your building, we enable you the best 3D visuals of your spaces.

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Call or email us.

Call us for half-hour advice (or email) about your project and get your free quote.

  • We listen what you want.

  • We advice what you need.

  • We give a free quote for your design.


£119 / hour

Get one hour for our one hour consultation.

  • Mood board design.

  • 1+1 hours consultation

  • Small scale surveys.



£249 / Room (Reduced from 275)

  • Furniture Layout Plan

  • Shopping List and Details.



£499 / Room

Bathroom, Kitchen, Small Co-working and home office spaces.

  • Survey, Design Concept, Mood Board

  • Floor plan and Furniture layout

  • 3D Room Visualisation

  • Shopping List & Details


£1,249 / Room

Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Extension, Single space planning application, mid-scale work places.

  • PRO+

  • Administrative applications to the councils.

  • Mid scale scale surveys & detailing.

  • Technical drawings.



Bespoke Pricing
  • PLUS +

  • Bespoke Design

  • by Dr Hatice


What is the difference between starter and regular kit ?

Starter kit aims affordable design process, so that we are asking also your help. You will either have only 2d visuals or bring your ppwer point presentations for the final ideas. Though we are offering technical drawings in less details, you will get the best quality and creativity in design. In the end of the design you will order your products and services by yourself, unless you ask our project management packege.

I want to design my full house. Which package should I pick ?

The regular package as in per room is the starting of your choice. so if you have a 2 bedroom and a living room (including the hallway; excluding the bathroom and kitchen), it is three times the regular price. Of course all houses are different in size. However, certain discount can be valid depending on the rooms' design size and style.

What is VIP Package ?

It is the package covering everything starting from the design concept to 3dimensional photo-realistic room visualisations, FF&E details and drawings and decoration and implementation of the design.

Do I need to pay for half hour advice?

No, the advice service is free of charge. You even ask our opinion any kind of proposal designed by you.

Can I upgrade from one package to another ?

It is easy to upgrade from one package to another. You can start with only one room, and stop there. Or if you happy to move forward, you can upgrade to whole house.


For all your enquiries please contact us.