Keep it clean: natural cleaning tips for household hygiene

Keep It Clean: Natural Cleaning Tips for Household Hygiene
Kitchen view- Photo by Dr Hatice; ©HaticeXInterior

We were living in modern life that most of us have been spending fewer times than our ancestors. By the time we spent more time at work, we forgot many tips that our grannies have already discovered.

Today, we forced to stay at home because of the coved-19 or the popularly named coronavirus. So, It is more important than ever to clean our homes to stop spreading this germ.

I will advise how to clean each room in our homes to remove any virus and germs.  These tips- covering 4 general spaces and rooms in your home- will hopefully help you what you need to know to successfully clean your house. 

I am advising to follow them not during the pandemic but make them as a habit for in your life after the virus to improve your and other people’s health. Follow my tips for these spaces in your home:
  1. Kitchen cleaning;
  2. Bathroom cleaning;
  3. Bedroom cleaning;
  4. Sitting room cleaning;
  5. Overall tips.

Tips for Household Hygiene

1-Kitchen cleaning;

Kitchens are mostly spaces that are the centre of our homes, and we spent most of our time there. In some countries and cultures, people prefer to stay daily life in the kitchen, whilst keeping their living rooms de-cluttered and clean ready for their guest.
So we should pay more attention to the hygiene rules for the kitchen.
  • First and utmost importance, wash your hands before and after any the preparation of food or work in the kitchen.
  • Always keep the kitchen tidy and clean. Keep the kitchen counter clean after you use it Remove the kitchen bins more frequently.
  • Check the kitchen top whether there is crack or broken parts enable water and/or germs place there. If so, fix it. For cleaning water, you can mix 2 tablespoons vinegar with 500ml water and clean all the kitchen top with this solution.
  • Replace kitchen sponges every so often. Before using the sponge, heat  1 minute in the microwave to kill the germs.
  • If you like to cook meat products in the kitchen, then use two chopping-boards for the preparation of the food; one for meat, chicken and one for vegetables.
  • Clean the kitchen sink very well. The moisture, damp and food leftovers are suitable for most of the germs. Clean the sink with soap and warm water, then dry with a kitchen cloth.
  • If you have a food disposal unit attached to your sink, then put 2 tablespoons of vinegar, lemon peels and ice to clean inside your unit and press start to function. This will erase the bad smell as well.
  • After using the oven, clean the metal shelves with the mix of home-made cleaning solution having 1/4 glass bicarbonate of soda, 1/4 glass salt and 1 glass water. Then clean the inside of your oven with the same solution.
Sodium bicarbonate; Source nortembio
  • Clean the hob with a kitchen cloth and warm water. Then use a sponge with a little washing powder. Then clean the washing powder with water and dry.

I prefer not to use artificial washing powder since the heat inside the oven will enough to kill the germs. But after cool down, the oven should not keep the burned foods and sticky oils etc.

  • Don’t forget to lean your coffee machine and heater. You should boil water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar every after-two weeks.
  • You can clean your mugs with coffee and tea traces with orange or lemon peel and salt.
  • Clean the drawers you can place a simple sock on the pipe of your hoover

    Source; pexels
Tips Unique to Your Freezer and Dish Washer:
  • Remove all the plastic bags of the market stuff/products such as vegetables, meat and place them into containers- preferably glass.
  • Clean your fridge and freezer. Check freezer monthly and fridge every week for any forgotten product, meal or any splits for germs and bacteria to reproduce on the shelves. Clean the inside of the freezer with the mix of water (approximately half bucket) with 2 tablespoons of bi-sodium carbonate and 4 spoons of vinegar.
  • You should wash the shopping bags twice a week. (At the current situation you may prefer to use plastic bags for one-time use- though this is not very environmentally friendly.)
  • For the dishwasher, you can prepare a vinegar solution and spray inside the machine. Also, you can use special washing powder to clean your dishwasher/washing machine to be used as empty.
Keep It Clean: Natural Cleaning Tips for Household Hygiene
Kitchen view- Photo by Dr Hatice; ©HaticeXInterior.

2-Bathroom cleaning;

Bathrooms are usually the places almost all people very careful about their frequent cleaning. Here I will advise that you can follow a ritual to make of your time more efficient and enable less germ spread.
Before the start of cleaning first wash your hands. You can use a homeware glove during the cleaning too.
  • If you have any, first empty the bathroom bin.
  • Then clean by either hoover or brush the floor. Pay attention to remove dust, hair and other dirt from the corners.
  • Clean the toilet with bleach.
  • After finishing the toilet sanitary, clean the toilet brush with bleach. I usually do it with hot water and bleach inside the toilet. When the brush is clean, remove the dirt with pressing the flush.
  • Clean all the metal sanitary items, such as the sink and bath tube tap, shower head and door handle.
  • Wash the ceramics on walls, and shower panel. If the grout of the ceramics has damaged, use sanitary grout pencils for this purpose or update or renovate your grout.
  • Wipe away the mirrors.
  • Finally, mop the floors again and dry it.
Keep It Clean: Natural Cleaning Tips for Household Hygiene
Bathroom view- Photo by Dr Hatice; ©HaticeXInterior.

3-Bedroom cleaning;

  • Change your bed linen at the latest 2-3 weeks. The body touches the bed linen and duvet so while washing use bleach in your washing machine a min 60degree.
  • Wash the curtains, roller blinds 3-6 months time.
  • If you have traces on your wooden door, use a raw potato to remove it.
Bedroom interior
Bedroom view- Photo by Dr Hatice; ©HaticeXInterior.

4-Sitting room cleaning;

  • Use each room for its purpose and function and make de-cluttered. If you have to organize your work-space in these rooms, organize the space in zones. The zone where you do work should be separated from where you sit and sleep.
  • Don’t forget to hoover the dust of your armchair and sofa. If you don’t want to use your hoover or if you don’t have the apparatus for sofa cleaning with your hoover, then place a half wet cloth. Then hit with the stick so that the dust sticks to the damp cloth
  • For floors especially original wood floors like a period house, use special wood cleaning products. Clean more frequently to remove the dust between the joints. Or water with vinegar works well.
  • Check the dust of all your electric lamps, electricity, picture frames, and accessories etc.
Living room interior
Living room view- Photo by Dr Hatice; ©HaticeXInterior.

5-Overall tips;

Above all tips, I usually do the following ones in my home- even before the virus.
  • Open windows every morning you wake up, before going to bed and during the day (at least 2 hours)
  • Try to take your outside shoes- which is a bit of oriental culture- at home. Keep one pair of your comfy shoes for the home.
  • Try to wash your clothes more frequently
  • If you go shopping, then change your clothes after coming home and wash them/put into the laundry to wash/clean
  • Mop floors with two mops and buckets of water; one for clean and one for the used one.
  • If your kids touch on your wallpaper or draw artwork with pencil, just use a rubber.
  • You can remove the dust, dirt on window glass by using cream washing powder.
  • Don’t forget to clean all the door (and the window too) handles
Side table and table lamp- Photo by Dr Hatice; ©HaticeXInterior.


These ideas are for not during the period of crisis but life-long habits to apply for your life and others’ health.

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