Which is better wallpaper or paint for walls

When it comes to decorating a home, there are two basic different ways of covering the walls. While paint is an attractive and affordable option for making your home feel more like you want it to, wallpaper has its own benefits as well.

In this article we’ll look at how each type of wall coverings you can use to make your house feel more like a home, while also discussing some common problems that arise when using either method on their own. We compare both options- wallpaper and paint in terms of style, durability, coverage, maintenance, costs,  etc.

The customised printed graphic on vinyl paper by @Wallpepper
The customised printed graphic on vinyl paper by @Wallpepper

You have number of style and options

You have more options when it comes to wallpaper than with paint in terms of style and texture, which you can read all the wallpaper types from here. Wallpaper is easy to make a room stand out, whereas you need some design concepts for painting the walls in order to create focal points around your home or office space, and even for either exteriors or wet spaces thanks to print and vinyl options.

You may initially think that there are many choices when picking up both wallpapers and paints; however, due consideration shows that while wallpapers come in a good number of styles, paint also has an impactful effect on how rooms feel because you can create striking effects as well. So, which you should choose for your room?

The answer to this question is depends on your needs and knowing the details of each product in depth. Whether you choose wallpaper or paint, there are pros and cons for both in terms of style and design. Wallpaper provides a sense of history that is missing with paint, but it can be time consuming and expensive to remove if you decide you don’t like it anymore. You can change paint with ease and straightforward when your tastes change, but choosing the right color scheme could take some time.

The customised printed graphic on vinyl paper by @Wallpepper
The customised printed graphic on vinyl paper by @Wallpepper

From a modern perspective, you don’t need to stuck a historical attitude or choice. The modern printing techniques allow you to chose fabulous options that you just only need to dream of. For instance, this Italian company WallPepper®, which I met in Milan fair,  “offers tailor-made and customised graphics printed on PVC-free ecological supports, made of textile and cellulose.”

You can see the images that I curated in this video in my Youtube channel.

Both wallpaper and paint are durable

Everybody agrees that wallpaper is more durable than paint. It’s not true, though – both are very durable! The only difference between them is how easy that you can change or remove: It takes a bit of elbow grease to completely get rid of old wallpaper while you can change the color scheme with just one new coat of pretty much any type and brand paints on your walls at anytime you please.

Everybody thinks that wall paper lasts longer than paint, but in reality this simply isn’t so: Both these items last for quite some time before needing replacement- however, because its difficult (and usually expensive) to remove wallpaper once installed as opposed to being able to easy take down of painted surfaces when needed by reapplying fresh coats yourself from.

The customised printed graphic on vinyl paper by @Wallpepper
The customised printed graphic on vinyl paper by @Wallpepper

Wallpaper covers imperfections with ease

Wallpaper is more convenient than paint, as it covers imperfections on walls with ease. This isn’t the case with painting because you’ll need to prepare other materials such as plastering before applying a coat of colors or textures that will make your home look like new again!

So, how can you improve my living space by using wallpapers? Paint might cover up surface irregularities in one go but wallpapering does have its benefits too. It’s easier and quicker to fix those unsightly bumps caused by water damage for instance when compared with repainting them over after all preparations are done – which may even require plastering first if there was structural cracks from leaking pipes, etc., beforehand.

Wall paint created by handmade texture.
Wall paint created by handmade texture.

More spaces to use paint than wallpaper

Wallpapers are available with many options for the function and style, so it can be difficult to choose the correct model. Sometimes they have limited usage as well, for instance they are difficult to use in damp spaces (unless you have a moist-proof wallpaper). But don’t get upset with this limited area of use as you can create dramatic focal points and feature walls with enormous wallpaper textures such as 2d-3d printed textures, bold or floral patterns.

If you have chance and like to switch wall images/photos and murals, technology will help to increase the spaces that you can use wallpapers. As I mentioned this Italian (WallPepper®) company and many others offer variety of solutions for the application in the bathroom, kitchen, outdoor and offices by combining the technology and the design together. Even they can create solutions for sound proofing and heat insulating to fit in the noisiest places.

Though the wallpapers were popular in 1950s and 1960s midcentury houses and people cover all the walls of their homes with bold textured wallpapers, this trend is now old-fashioned and pastiche. You can use paint and wallpaper in a more balanced way that you wont get overwhelmed with the continuous pattern of the wallpaper.

Vintage rose pattern of period wallpaper
Vintage rose pattern of period wallpaper

Whereas paint may be easier to select despite some of your potential choices- depending on how much time is left before renovation will begin or if there’s enough knowledge about which type of paint would work best in particular conditions! Besides this, paint also works better than wall paper when considering the humidity since damp-proof paints usually works well in bathrooms and kitchens.

Geometric application paint on the wall.
Geometric application paint on the wall.

Application of paint is easier than wallpaper

Wallpapers require professional help during application due to the special care needed. They are not as easy to apply DIY because of this, and a pro can make sure it is done right with little hassle for you! So, wallpaper installation requires more time than painting does in terms of prep work and clean up since there’s no such thing as paint-by-numbers when it comes to wallpaper selection or applying one on your wall correctly.

A skilled technician will be able do all that hard work so you don’t have too- which means saving yourself hours from picking out designs, materials, colors etc., only then having them installed by someone else without any mistakes made along the way!

On the other side, paint is easier for DIY applications. You can finish a medium size room in half a day. You don’t worry much about if you don’t like the end result and look. You can change it easier than you do replace a wallpaper. Of course, if you test paint options before you finish the whole room, you save time and money.

Focal wall creation. Image credit ©Wallpepper
Focal wall creation. Image credit ©Wallpepper

Maintenance of paint is longer than wallpaper

The repair and maintenance of paint is longer than wallpaper because it requires time to dry. Whereas, wallpapers are factory produced so they’re ready to hang the next day. Repairing of wallpaper last up to 2-3 days, while a paint maintenance can last in 4-5 days.

Many wallpapers and murrals, like the images here, are fire resistance. It is also odorless, breathable and hypoallergenic. As it is told by WallPepper, the printing technique has “ecological and UV resistant inks, and it has a great mechanical resistance. It can also be cleaned using neutral detergent.”

However, the overall cost to maintain a room with wallpapers can be significantly more expensive, it’s important that we understand how much care goes into maintaining our walls. So often people focus on repairing damages when they are made but not so much on preventing them from happening in the first place!

The customised printed graphic on vinyl paper by @Wallpepper
The customised printed graphic on vinyl paper by @Wallpepper

There is a relative higher cost for the wallpaper

You might think that wallpapers are more expensive, but there is an affordable options and styles so that you can save your money. However, you need to be. careful if you choose a wallpaper with a large pattern and wasteful. So you have to increase the number of rolls you need by one roll for every five if you choose any wasteful pattern. Besides, you’ll need other accessories like primer, which the total cost after these additions will be more expensive than the paint option.

Paint seems expensive at first glance, since most people have only one gallon on hand (with some left over); however if we look into the long run it’s much more budget friendly. You don’t have to purchase as many cases so there aren’t any leftovers in your garage or basement that could go bad over time.

And when was the last time someone had trouble with their old brushes? Everyone knows how frustrating matching bristles are- if you keep right and safe just use what you already own instead of investing in something brand new

You only have to be careful when comes to paint because some factors can impact on the cost of your paint like satin finish or eco-friendly paint. So, it’s better for you not only focus on wallpaper prices and try comparing paints before committing.

The customised printed graphic on vinyl paper by @Wallpepper
The customised printed graphic on vinyl paper by @Wallpepper


Both wallpaper and paint has their characteristics that you can choose when decorating your wall and room.

If you choose wallpaper;

  • You can decorate your home without ever leaving the house
  • You create variety of bespoke styles or chose one of the manufactured ones
  • You can personalize any room with just one click (select the patten from a wallpaper shop)
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing
  • Easier to clean up if someone spills on it
  • Smells better and doesn’t give off fumes or irritate allergies

If you choose paint;

  • Provides freedom to choose any color you want
  • Saves time with the long process of deciding on paint colors
  • Adds an accent wall easily without having to buy a large amount of paint
  • Reduces home maintenance costs