What you need in a small home office: The real checklist

Getting started to work at your (small) home-for different reasons- is exciting for us, but you should carefully select the necessary items you need and avoid the fancy long lists’ of the market.

Though you need more sophisticated items, tools and furniture for atelier, workshop or studio type works require, the five must-have items you need in your home office are a desk, your work station- which is a desktop or laptop computer usually connected with a printer, chair, decent (desk) light and permanent dedicated space.

1. desk:

For a comfortable and productive home office work, the desk is the topmost important item. It is even more important than a dedicated space since a desk is in most cases becoming an office space by itself. You don’t necessarily buy a posh desk unless you need a specific purpose, you can use any table that can be a study desk or buy a second hand. However, if you like to spend some budget you may consider two types of desks. The office desks and workbench/work-table.

1.1 Writing Desk –

It is also nice and cool to have a writing desk in your home office. Should you need minimum space for the office works, it is the perfect choice since it acts as a compact office. It has writing table- with or without a folded lid, stationery pigeonholes and sometimes drawers. However, it may not the best option for your desktop computer. Modern versions/models can be OK with the laptop. One of the special kind of writing desk is Davenport Desk. It is the idea of a school desk, but for adults.
Therefore, it has an inclined a flip front as to serve storage having ‘a spring-loaded letter compartment released with a hidden latch in a lower drawer, a plenitude of drawers, pen trays. Also, it has pigeonholes for storage at the front of the writing-table. The main body, legs of the table- is unique and have drawers on the one side and dummy storage on the other side. You can buy from the antique shops as original or a good quality one from.

1.2 Computer Desk –

From a health and safety perspective, the computer desk is even more important than writing desk in our busy modern work life. The idea is basic. The computer desk has the best ergonomics for people working with computers having provided the adjustable keyboard tray and computer cable holes for easy connection of hard disc and the screen.
They are mass-produced and modular, which is dull and boring for home-for some/most of the people. Having said this, the recent design trends enable more stylish, minimalist computer desks, even all these modular technical details are excluded. However, they are ergonomic to human health.

1.3 Drawing/Drafting Table/Board –

Another ergonomic desk, significantly for the use of architects, designers, or artists. It has a big writing surface for large paper size. It offers mechanical adjustments for the placement of its elements in order to maximize user comfort and efficiency. Thanks to the improvements in modern life, the need for drawing board is very few.
Modern drafting tables typically rely on a steel frame. Typically, the drafting board surface is a thick sheet of compressed fibreboard with sheets of Formica laminated to all its surfaces. However, some professions such as urban planning, textile design, unless you do your work on a computer.

1.4 Workbench/Worktable –

For your art and craftwork, you need a professional work table to work on. You may either interest in handyman or arts and craft, there are a good variety of options that you can create your best craftsmanship.
Although mostly a multi-purpose work table is OK for the small size of works, there are benches for woodwork, metalwork, gardening, general repair, industrial, electronics/software, and art, sculpture, jewellery and watch.
For your work, there is a good number of alternative models.  What I will mention here are the most compact and sturdy ones that you can place in your small garage, tiny workplace. Obviously, you can always do it as a DIY project. But if you are new to use with a work table and want to give a try, then these models are the top three:
Country/ price
Weight capacity
Item weight
Special features
1 Keter Folding/ 700lb capacity $79.99   33.5 x 21.6 x 29.8 inches 700 lbs   28.7 pounds #30 in Workbenches Folding,  
2 Keter Folding/ 1000 lb capacity $68.99   21.7 x 33.5 x 29.7 inches   1000 lbs   12.9 pounds   #1 in Workbenches / folding
3 WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable $46.91   37 x 5.8 x 13 inches   300 lbs.   14 pounds   #7 in Workbenches  
4 WORX Pegasus Multi-Function $99.00   31 x 25 x 32 inches   300 lbs.   28 pounds   #2 in Workbenches  
5 Keter 17182239 Master Pro DIY Folding Work Table   £84.80   85 x 55 x 75.5 cm   up to 453kg   10.9 Kg   ·       #28 in Workbenches  
6 WORX WX051 Pegasus Multifunction WT   £119.99   69 x 16 x 95 cm   up to 300 lbs.   15.1 Kg   ·       #3 in Workbenches  
7 Bosch PWB 600 WB   £107.77   68 x 55.3 x 83.4 cm     11.6 Kg   ·       #4 in Workbenches

2. Work station- Computer:

The next step to a comfortable home office is to set up your computer workstation. It is obviously the choice of your work needs. But the basic principle is if a laptop is fine for your work needs- which is usually it is- then I am a sleek option, requires less space and you can also take it wherever you want. However, the desktop is sometimes a must for more complex its applications. Then, you have to be careful about the details. It is important to hide cables, select ergonomics keyboard and chair. Create less clutter space as much as possible with the details.

3. Chair:

If you want to work with comfortable in front of your computer and study desk and work table, though, getting ergonomic and stylish chair can be tricky. That is why I recommend visiting your local suppliers and furniture shops, even before buying your chair online. After you decide on the model that best fits you, then you can order the same model or a similar one from online. I definitely recommend a professional wheeled office chair should you work with computer most of your time.

4. Light:

In your home, you will have the main room’s light. However, you need special lighting for your workspace, table, desk while you are working. How and where to place is the first criteria you should consider. You don’t have to stick to the only table lamp. The floor, wall even pendant light gives you the option to work smoothly at your desk. What is the type of light, led, halogen or traditional is the second criteria that you don’t have to miss. Therefore, the article on the type of lights gives more in-depth knowledge of your final decision.

5. Space:

Finally, but in fact, firstly- you have to think realistically about your space for an office in your house. If you don’t have enough space for of a separate room or large space for your office works, then you should consider using the corner of your room, a closet or just a table- even a kitchen table for your official workspace in your home. In my article, you can find some inspirations.