What I learned about future workplace in Salone Del Mobile in Milan

Salone Del Mobile in fairground invited suppliers, designers, architects and visitors from all over the world at the beginning of April. This year, the significant names celebrated their important anniversaries. For instance, Natuzzi and IPE are in their sixty years in the business, whereas Visionnaire and MDF Italia are in 15 and 10 years of their anniversaries.

This year’s manifesto was ‘Ingenuity’

The three keywords determine the content of the exhibition; first, Innovation; second, Industry and third, Vision.

The exhibitions- which I prefer to use exhibition since almost all products are the result of the best design- are mind-blowing and give lots of hints for the not only this year’s focus but also the clues about the future trends. The new designers had the chance to exhibit their products at ‘Salone Satellite’ under the theme of ‘personification.’ Having said this, the Salone Del Mobile newsletter pointed out that it is all about ‘perspective’- that is finding new vanishing points.

euroluce lighting (salone del mobile)

The workplace design has changed since the cubicle designs of the 1980s. Today we are talking about the co-working spaces, sharing spaces, digital nomads, etc.

Therefore, we observed the loss of a direct reflection of the transformation of the workplace in the fairground. In the fair, there is no exhibition of the workplace in the halls. The organizers of the fairground distributed them throughout the entire exhibition area.

A direct and reflected consequence of the social transformation of the work area, which has become a flexible, dynamic space, open to contamination and sharing.

– Salone Del Mobile

So, it is important that we should learn about and understand the future and necessary changes in the spaces we shared with others. Besides, the development of ideas capable of responding to new market needs is important in Salone del mobile.  


The Concept of Office –


A deconstructed place, without fixed workstations, where the flexibility of movable partition systems and furnishings dominate the space to adopt changes in working methods, attention to privacy and concentration, which translates into sound insulation and focus work areas, up to the most original office capsule.

– Salone Del Mobile