Should you extend, do additions or remodel?

If you do have plan for change for your home since the existing rooms are not enough for your needs, you have two approaches. First you can think of enlarging your house by extending and adding extra space, and second you can remodel the interior spaces. 

The house additions and extensions are definitely the answer that you maximise your house, but are they the only answer and starting points? When we are talking about maximising rooms of your home, you have to think about remodelling the spaces of your house.

As an architectural and interior designer, I’ve designed house extensions and hone remodels for a long time and I will talk about the what should you do about the subject.

House having skip for interior remodelling and renovation.
House having skip for interior remodelling and renovation.

Home remodelling

You can change or alter the structure, wall, style or form of your rooms or spaces  with a renovation project that the new layout will work better than the original shape. If it you don’t need an additional space, this renovation will work better for you.

For instance you can create an open plan kitchen with living and eating functions, overlooking the garden, if you can able to knock down the wall between two small rooms.

However, if you need additional room for the dining space in your future open plan layout, you have to think of adding an extra space.

The most common remodelling ideas are kitchen, bathroom, open plan layouts, stairs and hallway.

Benefits of remodelling and renovation of your house

– If you do not need more space but need of layout, style, function or material alteration, you should think of renovating.

– Remodelling cost less than an extension.

– Construction finishes quicker than any larger house additions

Disadvantages of remodelling and renovation of your house

-You have limited options to create a larger layout.

-You can’t add additional area to the existing square meter of your house.

-The value you add to the home sale may not be as high as you expected.

Interior view of a home rear extension.
Interior view of a home rear extension.

House additions or extensions

If it not the expectations but your needs have changed, the path you should prefer is new additions to your home. For instance, you have bought your home when you have your first child. Now you are expecting the second one and you need an extra room for the both children.

However, you should think of building a rear or side extension after you consider once all other options for remodelling the existing space. If you have enough space for a dining table in the kitchen, you may have the option changing the dining room into a bedroom.

The most common additions and extensions are rear and side extensions, kitchen and bathroom additions, sun room and conservatory extension, garage extension, garden room extension, office addition, double storey extension and dormer/loft additions.

Benefits of House additions or extensions

-When you don’t have enough space, you should extend.

-You have chance to create larger spaces

-The sales value of your house will increase with significantly.

-You have the option to create bespoke designs. For instance you can play with light by additional roof lights and full height doors.

-Incorporate you home interior with the garden better than simple remodelling. For instance you can use sliding or folding doors opening to the garden, because you can have the chance to use materials that are compatible with the new  thermal u-values and heat insulations You can use sliding

Disadvantages of House additions or extensions

-Extensions are expensive, disruptive and risky.

-The technical and administrative issues that you have to deal with may be more than you have think of. Even you are working with an experienced architect, unforeseen circumstances may appear during the construction.

-The starting budget of additions or extensions are almost higher than the final cost. Besides, the amount you have to pay is also higher than the price for any remodelling.