Modern Open-plan House Design for Client in Vanburgh-London

Modern Open-plan House Design for Client in Vanburgh- London

We are asked to design an open-plan living room with a one-bedroom house in Vanburgh- London. Our client is a young lady, and she asked for a modern design with modern and Italian furniture. With this project, I will showcase how we design our projects and how the process is.

1- Initial Mood Boards

After we had a talk with our client, we prepare the initial mood boards to show the design style and colour palette of each room. 



Mood board for the bedroom


Mood board for the living-room


2- Initial Floor Plans and Furniture Layout


Floor plan for the bedroom



Floor plan for the kitchen

3- Alteration of plans with furniture selection

After discussing our client, we altered the plans and finalize them. The number of the revision depends on the full satisfaction and consent of the client about the concept and layout.



4- Final design and all technical details


Final floor plan for the bedroom

 Final mood board for the bedroom

Concept visualization for the bedroom


 Final floor plan for the living-room

Final mood board for the living-room


Technical details for the kitchen



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