LUX Life 2018 Leading Designers Award for HaticeXInterior Design and Architecture

HaticeXInterior has been selected in LUX’s 2018 Leading Designers Awards as the Best Range of Interior Design Services within Edinburgh. We profiled the business and spoke to Hatice Ozhisar as we look to gain an insight into her continuous success.

A highly skilled architect and designer

Based in Edinburgh, HaticeXInterior is a young, multi-disciplinary interior design and architecture services firm based in Edinburgh, servicing clients all over Scotland and London. Founded by Dr Hatice Ozhisar, the company’s business idea is to provide an interior design service for discerning, quality-conscious clients that seek assistance in their design choices for their primary residences, for their investments, and for their commercial premises such as workplaces and small cafe and restaurants along with some full home extension projects.

The most distinctive feature of HaticeXInterior is Hatice’s creative, highly educated skills, understanding, international experience and knowledge. With over ten years of experience in advanced building design techniques, Hatice is well-placed to provide reliable in-depth and knowledgeable advice to clients in all aspects of their projects. Furthermore, with her talent, education and experience, Hatice appreciates different design styles: from modern to traditional, urban to country, contemporary to industrial, drawing inspiration from all over the world, in particular, Europe and Asia.

We asked Hatice what her overall aims are for BS Interior Designs and what strategies she employs to ensure that this mission is reached.

HaticeXInterior‘s mission is to provide personal attention throughout the design process, providing detailed design services and products to its clients that take account of my multidisciplinary qualifications and experience. That experience, in both architecture and interior design, allows us to realise our clients’ dream designs. We want to inform, inspire and assist clients, while their home or workplace is transformed. This allows it to become their own unique personalised expression and for them to better enjoy that interior space.”

Creating innovative solutions is a must-do in the interior design industry, and Hatice explains how hard the team works to create those solutions that help maintain her success as an architect.

“Studying architecture and becoming a designer has changed my life. I pay close attention to every detail in real life. I test, experiment with and suggest anything, big or small, in every project to maintain my success as an architect and designer.

How do I achieve this?

Firstly, I take the time to fully assess what I am to do, whether it is a client’s brief or competition proposal. Secondly, based on the assessment, I provide a critical evaluation. Sometimes what you see and what clients tell you don’t give the full picture, but I take these to create an innovative design proposal. Lastly, I will seek and listen to feedback, wanting constantly to improve my service.”

Gaining an impressive reputation for her previous successful projects, Hatice shares what she believes to have been the most successful of these to date and tells us what lessons she has learned from working on them.

“Every project is important for our company. However, we can name three projects that have enabled us to grow the company, improve our mindset and raise our company profile significantly.

Firstly, the international project for the design of the United Nations building in Ankara allowed us to witness the actual realisation of our design concepts. Secondly, our first house design in the United Kingdom (in Edinburgh) made us focus on the need for detail in all aspects of the project and brought our company to the attention of other potential clients. Thirdly, submitting a proposal to the Alexander Thompson Foundation Double Villa Housing Competition required us to produce a successful proposal within a short time frame.”

Regarding what the future holds for HaticeXInterior, Hatice has exciting plans for the times ahead, and she hints at expansion in terms of the company’s portfolio, as well as its locations and services.

“Ultimately, HaticeXInterior’s immediate aim is to use my extensive experience, qualifications and professionalism as a strong platform, as well as offering our target market a reliable and effective architectural and interior design service.

We want to build a portfolio of work in the United Kingdom that will attract new clients, focusing on home styling and investment projects, whether within existing rooms or extensions. HaticeXInterior expects to be the leading interior designer in and around Edinburgh and, indeed, Scotland as a whole within the next three to five years and has an extensive client base covering all parts of the UK.

Lastly, within the next twelve months, we want to create an online presence and build new business models with a fresh concept in design services”.

Company: HaticeXInterior

Contact: Hatice Ozhisar

Address: 26 Dublin Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6NN

Phone: +44 (0) 7474 255657


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