Kitchen islands and carts for small kitchens

Island or bar cart is a free-standing counter in a kitchen that are accessible from at least three or all sides. They are the extension and complimentary part of our work spaces.

Most of us have a nice (or wish to have) and big island in our kitchens if we have the space, however the reality is that many of us live in small apartments and those houses are a challenge to fit a large model inside the room layout.

For this reason, I suggest you to go small islands and carts, if you have a small space in your house. Besides, they save your overall budget during the redecoration, since kitchen design cost the most expensive area in your house.

A cart with bar stools.
A cart with bar stools.

Why kitchen islands and carts?

Though there are claims that kitchen islands are a status symbol, I am thinking the opposite. If you try to fit a too large island into your small kitchen, yes you will waste your money for only aesthetic reasons. But if you select the best possible option, they are practical as well. It is not the size but comfort that new wealth criteria.

Advantages of small kitchen island

1. Add extra storage

You increase the storage volume by island if you use the island in wise. You can gain extra cabinets under the kitchen island. If your island or cart is too narrow for a cabinet, you can shelves under the kitchen counter.

2. Increase the value of your kitchen and home

People like the idea of kitchen island, since the kitchen island is associated with luxury. When you want to sell your house, it is an advantage of having island that people usually like and see your house in upper value.

3. Add character to your kitchen

If you like to create a designed look, a stylish island or cart is best tool to do it. For instance, if you have modern kitchen cabinets, you can include any modern, industrial or sleek model to your kitchen to polish the inner atmosphere.

4. Provide extra seating area

Most of the time it is difficult to place a dining table in a small kitchen. Kitchen island with minimal bar stools provide additional seating space in a narrow space.

5. Portable

If you buy a new house, kitchen cart and islands (whether on wheel or not) can easily be moved in your new flat

6. Multi-functional

In the future if you want to re-design the style of your kitchen0 then you can re-use your kitchen island in garage, utility, workshop or home office

7. No or low risk

If you get bored the style island or kitchen you can change them without a hassle.

8. Showcase your lights

Define the places of lights in the kitchen. You can hang 1 big or 3 small (always prefer odd number) pendants over the island. some people prefer to place oven extractor fans in big kitchen islands, but a pendant light is nice and make kitchen cosy.

9. Purpose as a hot desk

Provide a second area to work and your kitchen may become a second home office zone.

10. Increase the counter space

Provide extra space for appliances so that they increase the counter area.

11. Platform for small appliances

They work as an additional work space/ counter by providing extra space for appliances such as microwave, sink or hub/extractor fan. With an electric socket, you can use small appliances such as microwave, kettle etc.

12. Leave you more space in the kitchen

Though it looks an island consumes larger space, a careful layout and clever design create more spacious area in your kitchen.

13. Work as a dining table and/or breakfast bar

Kitchen is the social sitting area in our homes. Even the narrow island with seating units can work as a dining table.

Design ideas with kitchen island and carts

Kitchen island with dining table.

Kitchen island against wall.

Kitchen island for microwave and storage.

Kitchen island with breakfast bar.

Kitchen island trolley/on wheels.

Kitchen island in zinc.

Kitchen island in vintage.

Kitchen island you can sit at.

Kitchen island with sink.


  1. You may buy larger kitchen island and/or cart, if you don’t take the correct measurements of your kitchen.
  2. You may buy a small kitchen island and/or cart, if you don’t take the measurements of your kitchen.
  3. You may put in the wrong place, if you don’t think your needs and sketch a full kitchen layout.
  4. You may select wrong style, if you don’t think your aesthetic of your kitchen. Think your design style of your kitchen. For instance, you should buy modern island in a contemporary and mid-century styles, whereas a classic piece with traditional kitchens
  5. You may buy poor quality of material, if you go cheap alternatives.
  6. You may be unhappy, if you don’t think how you are going to use your island. Some like a breakfast bar and clean counter, whereas other people like with a function like cooker or sink
  7. You may not use your microwave (or cooker), if you forget to solve the electricity details. The outlets on both sides of the island are desirable.
  8. You may have a clutter kitchen look, if you put too many stools and lighting on the narrow/small island.
  9. Don’t put your kitchen in an awkward position and useless function, because of a bigger island than you need.

The following suppliers provide the following kitchen islands and carts.

Images of all selected affordable island and carts.
Images of all selected affordable island and carts.

Low budget kitchen islands and carts.

Budget between £0-£99

Model Dimensions Material Properties Reviews
1- Soges Home  90 L x 42 W x 83 H cm Wood and Oak color. Tiers with different heights and with extra 6 hooks.. 4.6/5*
2- Tayene Bar Serving Cart 23.6″L x 15.7″W x 30.6″H MDF with wood effect printed and black powder coated steel frame. It has 4 tier shelves with industrial look. 4.3/5*
3- IBUYKE Baker’s Rack 90 L x 40 W x 84 H cm Engineered wood and steel frame. It has 2 large tiers on the left and 3 small tiers on the right with additional 6 hooks and 1 basket. 4.9/5*
4- VECELO Kitchen Baker’s Rack  80 L x 30 W x 93.5 H cm. Waterproof MDF panel and High-strength metal frame. 4-tier storage shelves, 2 metal organizer baskets plus and 1 dust proof drawer. 4.5/5*
5- Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Baker’s Rack Vintager 35.4″L x 15.7″W x 32.7″H P2 Medium Density Fiberboard and Thicker Steel It has 3 tier storage with 5 shelves (including top counter), 1 extra basket and 10 hooks. 4.8/5*
6- Soges Kitchen Baker’s Rack 35.4″L x 15.7″W x 32.7″H Heavy-duty powder coated metal frame and thickened laminated wood. It has 5 shelves (including top counter), 1 extra basket and 5 hooks.It is durable with glossy and water proof surface. 4.6/5*
7- Bestier Kitchen Baker’s Rack 23.62″L x 17.13″W x 48.62″H Heavy-duty steel frame and Oak MDF It has 4 tier shelves with extra 3 hooks. Since it is a heavy duty type, it is suitable for microwave 4.7/5*

If some of the products are sold out, you can find alternatives.