Kitchen design style inspirations from Ikea

The kitchen is the most important rooms in your home. You can design it without spending a fortune but with a good design. In this article, I will explain 11 kitchen design style inspirations from Ikea.

1-Black cabinets and metro tiles on a dark green tone

The black cabinets both down and upper units create harmony along with the tower units.

The black metro tiles are the splashback in this design to create harmony.

Oak tower unit between the black ones.

Usually, designers or people go with contrast in these dark/black hues. But here the idea is the opposite. The dark tones of a green shade are complementary for the black of the rest of the design.

The only element that lightens up the design is the oak worktop. This same oak worktop on the island makes the kitchen more modest and cosy for a family.

2-Black on black

This design creates a distinct appeal by wrapping everything in black. It may be best for an apartment-flat in an urban context.

The kitchen with large featured island creates the focal point for everyone, for your guests, family members.

It is my opinion that with this featured black colour it may also be a centrepiece in a commercial restaurant.

3- Oak with white polished cabinets and worktop

Here the white polished lower cabinets come with the white worktop. The white back-splash of a marble look brings the oak cabinets out like an artwork within the whole design.

White sink and clean lines instead of door handles or knobs don’t distract the harmony. It is the perfect example of a Japandi style that is the combination of Scandinavian and Japanese architecture.

If you don’t like to go with the too much of a contemporary or minimalist look, you can add pops-up colour with the furniture, dining chair, posters on the wall, pendant etc.


4- The Romantic revival of the French Riviera by eggshell shaker cabinets and oak worktop

I always advise my clients to mix two design styles if they are not a fan of one distinct design style.

Here you can see the French country details blend with the Scandinavian background. The open shelves with extra cross detail add taste to white shaker-style cabinets. The eggshell paint makes the cabinets look modest.

The wood and/or wood-look laminate worktop adds a natural flavour.

Open shelves and minimalist version of the white country style sink brings some details of the French country style.

5- Gray splashback in between the contrast of white cabinets and black worktop

While; the design offers a grey back-splash wall on top of the contrast of the white cabinets and black worktop, the whole design sits in front of a green wall.

The whole grey finish featuring the white cabinet system that contrasts with black worktop sits on a nice warm green wall.

You can select any other colour depending on the taste and colour palette of your home. This soft transition of grey makes it easy to place any colour in the background.

6-Dance of oak and black cabinets

A collection of oak in this kitchen design brings nature in your kitchen.

Despite the informal look of the natural oak cabinets, the kitchen at the same time is very sleek too.

The black worktop in choice of your selection either laminate or quartz preserves the clean-cut look and the necessary contrast not just with the colour but the with the texture.

7- The play of hexagonal geometry between the oak worktop and white upper cabinets

The authenticity of this design is the hexagonal tiles. In modern, pop art, contemporary and Scandinavian styles are go well with these styles.

Though they may not match with the country or shaker styles or you akin with more of traditional touches in your kitchen.

If your kitchen gets to much light, you can highlight the brightness with gloss white lacquer paint or glass surfaces. Or if you are much of a Scandinavian type of person, then you can match these tiles with matte colour paint.

8- Modern pop-art style cabinets

The modernist era of the 20th century dominated the architecture and interior design too. The Bauhaus is the important school period that welcomed many products and ideas.

The use of colour, geometric shapes, the abstract is some ideas we see in this blue-black and white cabinet.

The modernist followers will love this kitchen. It is different from a mid-century design. First, Modernism started at the early-century and it has relation with cubism.

9- Sleek contemporary with white polished worktop and dark wood horizontal cabinets

The special geometric design and detail of the worktop uniting the horizontal and vertical at the corner make the design appropriate and exclusive to a contemporary visual appeal.

The united, single clean lines worktop combine with the dark wood horizontal cabinets. No handles, knobs and accessories apart from the whole body of the strength of the cabinets the contemporary.

10- Contemporary contrast of the dark glass with white polished cabinets

Function, innovation, technology and material.

If you like polish surfaces but the option with paint is not enough for you, the tempered glass detail is for you.

The dark tempered glass placed as a contrast of white. The lower cabinets and tall tower units go well with the upper white cabinets.

An elegant appearance and maximum efficiency are the distinctive features of the kitchen design.

11-Drops of county style details in a shaker style kitchen

The lacquer ash shaker frame doors combine classic country rigour with modern Scandinavian style.

The oak is the best choice for the worktop.

While it increases the modern impression, the glass cabinets bring the classic flavour in a well-balanced manner.

All Images © Dr Hatice Ozhisar, HaticeXInterior