Inspiration for your creativity via Edinburgh city skyline

Inspiration creativity via Edinburgh
Seagull on a terrace at George Street, © Dr Hatice Ozhisar, HaticeXInterior.
Are you looking for inspiration creativity via Edinburgh? Then this post will help a little for your curiosity.
In 2015, I came to Edinburgh to study – and fell in love with the city. I decided to stay and open my own business an interior and architectural designer. The business keeps me busy but I have been able to capture some amazing views the city has to offer.
I am bringing some of these photos to inspire you and to remind you what a glamorous city we are living in. Here are a few of them. Enjoy – and remember, you will always have the chance to capture these kinds of photos in and around Edinburgh.

Seagull captured on a terrace restaurant in George Street

I took the first photo when I was in a terrace restaurant in George Street. I aimed to capture a roof extension on top of a listed building. It was a glass structure, and I was wondering the architectural details. Taking a couple of photos on my iPhone, I discovered that I captured this seagull.

If you carefully look at behind the seagull, you will see the roof extension and parapet of that balcony.

Glamorous sunset at the North Bridge of Edinburgh

Inspiration creativity via Edinburgh
Skyline of Edinburgh at North Bridge, © Dr Hatice Ozhisar, HaticeXInterior.

The sun creates a glamorous picturesque effect. I captured this artwork kind photo while I was passing by the Northbridge.

Dramatic sunrises

It is not only the sunset but sunrises are joyful in Edinburgh. When I woke up in the summer, I usually have a natural canvas on my window. If I have an early start for my work, sometimes walk with this nice sunshine.

Inspiration creativity via Edinburgh
Edinburgh’s sunrises, photographed by Dr Hatice Ozhisar.
Inspiration creativity via Edinburgh
Edinburgh and tram – Photo by © Dr Hatice Ozhisar.

Amazing Bridges

The Forth Bridge- the heritage-listed assets is the icon in Scotland. But there are other either small or big- bridges in and around Scotland.

Inspiration creativity via Edinburgh
The Forth Bridge, Photo © Dr Hatice Ozhisar, HaticeXInterior.

The bridges at the borders, Photos © Dr Hatice Ozhisar, HaticeXInterior.

Castle of Edinburgh

Castle is a unique landmark for Edinburgh. Almost all of us stop by this kind of view and take a photo.

Panoramic views of Edinburgh Castle, Photo © Dr Hatice Ozhisar, HaticeXInterior.

The festive atmosphere is the fab

Of course, I love the festive period – and I love Edinburgh in the festive time. The lights and the joy of the spirits put the city a fairy tale story.

Photos by © Dr Hatice Ozhisar, HaticeXInterior.


These are some moments that I captured. If you have images that you like to share for inspiration creativity via Edinburgh, please send me and I will publish here. Thanks.

Photo © Dr Hatice Ozhisar, HaticeXInterior.