Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, the reign of Queen Victoria is the period where many grand designs and a great number of constructions -for all people from poor to rich-have occurred. The design characteristics of architectural details- such as detail ornament and the influence of Italian designs and Renaissance were significant for this period.

The history- such as the Medieval cathedrals and churches, nature, geometry, personal life were the inspirations. Hence, the delicacy of the design patterns was the status symbol of the householders in this era. So if you like to create a Victorian tile design for your bathroom, hall, kitchen and even porch of your home, the basic rule to re-create the historical pattern by using geometric shapes like rectangle, hexagon, octagon, dots etc. 

If you want to get inspired,  I grouped ten groups of design pattern templates for Victorian tiles to transform your bathroom, hall or kitchen into a wow factor for your home- based on the catalogue of “Original Style” tiling company. (1) Check-boards; (2) Straight patterns; (3) Simple geometric patterns; (4) Symmetric patterns; (5) Patterns with diamond; (6) Patterns with hexagon; (7) Patterns with octagon; (8) Authentic designs; (9) Timeless designs; and (10) Grand designs.


1- Check-boards

The very basic of a Victorian tile is the geometric forms, which they re-create and reproduce the authentic designs. The simplest form as a starting point is a black and white checkerboard pattern. It goes to Roman times and Renaissance. The houses of the 1600s have this black and white classic pattern. Whereas it is still loved style since Pinterest is very popular with this style.

So, if you take two squares with the same size but in two colours, you create the classic chessboard Victorian tile. When you don’t want to create too busy space especially in your bathroom and kitchen, go for this pattern. For instance, you should combine light, medium soft darks, if you like to create a softer effect.

If you like to more sophisticated look you can include one or two colours. When you rotate these squares, put them on a slant and add a third colour, you create a pattern having a gingham or tartan effect.

The simple associated with the style. The checkboard pattern is stylish and timeless that is appropriate for almost all spaces.  You can cover any space with large expanses of the floor. The original company named these patterns from the cities of England. If you like to go affordable budget, you can select printed pattern tiles.

2- Straight victorian tiles

One or more rectangles create the straight patterns- named classic herringbone patterns. In ‘Stornoway’ pattern, a narrow rectangle adds a fine decorative detail, which including a third colour creates a bold style. 

These straight patterns are the basic parquet pattern- which is used in wood and other natural stones. Since victorian tiles are not only decorative but also durable and water resistance, they are perfect material for exterior verandas, porches and entrance halls.

3- Simple Geometric Patterns

If you mix different shapes with squares, you can create unique patterns such as a simple grid-like ‘edinburgh’ or ‘norwich.’ The modified pattern of ‘falkirk’ has a woven effect in diagonal design, which goes well in all spaces. If you want to add your personal touch,  you can alter the colours and create your own bespoke design.

“Patterns based on basket wave and woven effects are all possible by introducing the rectangle to the square; as said by the ‘originalstyle victorian floor tiles’ company. It is just a selection of the patterns that can be achieved from the sizes and colours available” on their website.


4- Symmetric patterns

If you like to create more complex patterns, you can add a triangle in your design, which works well with the square. The triangle is very handy in the border design. 

The traditional colours, like in ‘richmond’ and ‘fortheringhay’  types, increase the richness of the design, whilst the latter fits well in any colour combination. 

5- Patterns with diamond

Patterns with diamond are simple both in design and installation according to the company. However, you can create more complex trends and variations by including a third colour, by developing diamonds within diamonds. 

The named company and others as well- which are recommended at the bottom of the article- offer different numbers of colour, so that you could try different colour combinations. 

6- Patterns with hexagon

You should carefully think of the radiators in your bathroom. Thanks to modern technology and creative industry, we have options for the style of the bathroom space and towel heat/dry up along with the heating. 
Two types are worth considering thinking of. The heated towel rails give off slightly less heat as they are designed to warm towels. However, if your main concern also includes the warming-up the whole room, then ‘Decorative radiators’ are the best option for your bathroom, which is usually as sleek as a heated towel.

You can find various options from the modern contemporary to traditional Victorian and/or Edwardian. The classic hexagon or honeycomb design proves that Victorian design and style has inspirations from nature.

This pleasing regular shapes doesn’t necessarily need to be mixed with other shaped tiles as it looks very fine on its own especially in just one colour.

– Original Style


7- Patterns with octagon

An octagon is derived from Greek for eight angles- is a polygon that has eight sides. The shape has been in use of vernacular architecture in many countries for many centuries with having sacred meanings for most of them. 

Therefore, the popularity of the Victorian tiles has extended it time period- Victorian period. This is always in vogue. You can keep it simple with black and white or add hints of coloured ‘dots’ as the company suggests.

8- Authentic designs

With Victorian design and period-inspired patterns, you can create many authentic patterns.

For instance ‘inverlochy’ model comes from the original design in Inverlochy Castle- a grand victorian house in Scotland.  They are usually popular in hallways and under the bottom of a staircase. 

The tile company refer Queen Victoria writing in her diary as;

I never saw a lovelier or more romantic spot.

9- Timeless designs

“These patterns need larger spaces to get the full, glorious impact. They are the models that go well with larger borders to retain the grand effect,” as it is pointed in the catalogue. If you use and replicate the natural original clay colours of red, black, white, brown and buff of the era, you create the most authentic reproductions for your wow house.

10- Grand designs

You can follow these inspirational grand designs offered by the company to create more enduring appeal. If you follow the mix of squares and triangles that are based on a grid pattern, you can reach a grand design on your own. 

In ‘tenby’ “the pattern has enhanced by including the ‘Cardigan’ hand-decorated drop-in tile”; hence here are the more intricate patterns with stars and decorative figures.



The design patterns suggested in this article are for the inspiration. Lastly; if you like to design your bespoke designs, you can follow either the showcases from Original Style website or from these following ones.



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