How to make your room super cosy with 41 simple tips

You may read lots of big design things when you want to make your room super cosy and create a warm. However, it is easier than you think of if you follow the simple tips. You donot have to follow all but here my 41 tips to create a warm and snug feeling in your room.
  1. Soft and textured fabrics;
  2. Mixed textures;
  3. Rounded corners- no sharp edges;
  4. Warm colours;
  5. Warm light;
  6. Soft light;
  7. Stylish but functional lighting;
  8. Multiple sources of lighting;
  9. Diffuse lighting;
  10. Rugs and carpets;
  11. Artificial sheepskin;
  12. Accents pillows, cushions and throws;
  13. Plants and flowers;
  14. Candles;
  15. Arty objects;
  16. Hanging shelf;
  17. Low rise furniture;
  18. Wood
  19. Wabi-Sabi, Zen and/or Minimalist design principles;
  20. Old and new mix;
  21. Nice comfy furniture;
  22. Clutter;
  23. Compact, tiny and private;
  24. Sensory experience;
  25. Fruits and cake;
  26. Candles;
  27. Tapestry;
  28. Cats and dogs;
  29. Warm Spouse;
  30. No electronics;
  31. Fire;
  32. Unique posters;
  33. Artworks;
  34. Blackout curtains and draperies;
  35. Ottomans and window seating;
  36. Light and dark;
  37. Layers;
  38. Radiator Covers;
  39. Clocks;
  40. Mirrors;
  41. Board games.

How to Make Your Room Super Cozy with 41 Simple Tips

1-Soft and textured fabrics;

Choose soft and textured fabrics, which are usually the natural and organic ones.

2-Mixed textures;

Mix the textures

3-Rounded corners- no sharp edges;

Prefer rounded corners, no sharp edges

4-Warm colours;

Choose warm colours. Both darker coloured walls and warm light pastel neutrals and earthy tones can create a cosy feeling, despite many people believe that the light colours do not much create a warm atmosphere.

5-Warm light;

For me, it’s all about the lighting. If a room that has a nice natural light entry and it’s artificial light sources and bulbs are warm, which is also not too bright, then you make your room super cosy. Buy floor lamps with warm coloured bulbs. Try to get lights with a lower wavelength.
Moreover, hanging Edison bulbs with a dimmer switch that absolutely many people love. I have warm yellow lighting, I keep my colour scheme the same and it has a welcoming feel that draws in and relaxes you.

6-Soft light;

Softer lighting helps a lot, especially when it is a smaller lamp that illuminates less than your ceiling light.

7-Stylish but functional lighting;

Find lighting that is both stylish, but doesn’t take up much space. Don’t use your overhead light. Buy floor lamps with warm coloured bulbs.
The goal is to create interesting shadows that diversify the colour contrast of the items in the room as well as make the white walls look more amber and therefore cosy. Try to find floor lamps with cones over the bulbs that ‘soften’ the light.

8-Multiple sources of lighting;

Multiple sources of lighting with an option to dim them and specially positioned at lower levels. I love bedside lamps placing on the ground. Add multiple light sources at strategic places in the room so there are no real dark spots.

9-Diffuse lighting;

Prefer diffuse lighting and not the string lights that has everybody been saying. I am objecting that Putting up some string lights helps. No, it creates a festive atmosphere which is a temporary thing. However, you can opt for permanent diffuse lighting to soften the edges.
Or one accent light at the focal point. i.e. I also have a star lamp that I hung up for night-time lighting.
People hang the fairy lights and string them up around your room. And think that everything looks softer, romantic and cosier with fairy lights! However, They’re cheap and they look cheap.

10-Rugs and carpets;

Use both rugs and carpets. Indulge in a high-quality mattress and sheets. A rug is a great idea if you like to break up the monotony of the floor and to lighten up the colour of the room.

Another fun trick that pulls a room together is adding a rug. Even on top of the carpet. Besides, it also protects your carpet.

11-Artificial sheepskin;

Prefer artificial sheepskin instead of a real one.

12-Accents pillows, cushions and throws;

Fancy with accents pillows, cushions and throws. Lots of blankets and soft places to sit or lay. Some like to Make it dark and heavy blankets. Soooo nice!! Layer blankets more on the bed.
If you’re a pillow person – get some really nice pillows- large pillows that are all the same.
Get two matching blankets as well, in a better fabric. They’ll be more expensive, but the fuzzy materials look cheap…
Buy extra-large, fuzzy, darkly solid colour blankets. Lay them over the furniture. Pin the corners under the legs of the couch to keep them in place.
Buy dark sheets and pillowcases that compliment the blankets that are light.

13-Plants and flowers;

Spread plants and flowers that are either natural or faux to make your room super cosy.


Candles help to warm up space and create diffuse lighting,

15-Arty objects;

Place arty objects such as accessories, books, frames, photos of friends and family, small accessories meaningful to you. Select knick-knacks and pictures that make a place feel lived in and loved.
Because it’s all about the atmosphere. Maybe put up a creative collage of pictures of people, places, and other things you’re fond of.
If you are not a big fan of blank walls, hang pics of your adventures with family and friends and strung up with strings for fun.

16-Hanging shelf;

I highly recommend antique stores and finding a simple bookcase and filling it with something that reflects you. Yes, they make the room cosy, because sometimes all about is feelings.

I have 4 bookcases. 3 are filled with books and board games the other has knickknacks that relate to me. Things like Turkish china boxes that I put my daily jewellery, or the toy puppy-  a gift from my partner. 

17-Low rise furniture;

Choose low rise height in your furniture. The down to earth height in bed, sofa, window seating and armchair creates cosiness.


Reclaimed, dark wood, more rustic furniture or light oak work well for a cosy space.

19-Wabi-Sabi, Zen and/or Minimalist design principles;

Wabi-sabi- beauty in imperfection, Zen and a Minimalist approach even you are a fan of maximalist and eclectic styles. The basic design principles of minimalism are universal. Since imperfection contributes a lot to a cosy atmosphere. Nothing sets me on edge more than a completely clean and geometric white room.
The aged furniture, used blankets, working workspaces, and worn beds…they all make a place feel like homely and warm.

20-Old and new mix;

Blend old and new.

21-Nice comfy furniture;

Nice comfy furniture to plop into after a long day of whatever your day-to-day life entails,
a good place to ideally nap. Or a comfy bed and stay nice clean and cosy

22- Make Clutter;

A certain tidiness or cleanness is a must if you like to feel a homely feeling. Keep your bed, sofa and other furniture clean and kept well.
One of the biggest things is that LESS is MORE. Clear up all your clutter, throw out things you don’t need and don’t use (or sell them). Keep everything clean, and organized. Style can come over time, but cleanliness is a habit you MUST get in the habit of if you want to have consistent, high-quality visitors.

23-Compact, tiny and private;

I’d venture to say a smaller living area works well for a snugly and warm feeling.

24-Sensory experience;

It is all about the sensory experience and the soft feels. The warm lights, sweet scents, slow soft melodic music, cosiness-as listed earlier- are the complete absence of hardness in our perception.
Not a visual thing, but wall plug air fresheners are great to get a room smelling good and you can get scents that are appropriate to the time of year too. Cinnamon, apple, mulled wine type smells are super cosy around this time of the year!

25-Fruits and cake;

Have fruits- even fresh-baked cake- out on the counter of the kitchen or dining table. Something warm and tropical-like oranges in a nice bowl. The cinnamon, chocolate and orange flavours are good for a nice smell cake.


Use candles that have calming scents! I’ve decorated my small room with some candles and small things I’ve collected over the years. They make your room super cosy.

Use a few Woodwick candles on the night-stand for when the mood strikes.


Tapestries are big and cheap so hung up a tapestry to make your room feel more at ease and cosy.

28-Cats and dogs;

Big fluffy down comforter, little fluffy cats.
Or two, hundred-pound dogs… More dogs, furrier ones too.

29-Warm Spouse;

Nothing is warmer than a snuggle of a hubby…

30-No electronics;

Use not much technology, such as TVs in your bedroom. In the living room reduce the IT items or try and tidy them in one space. Electronics not only feel cold to me but also I feel unhealthy so close to living spaces.


Fire opportunities, as the design object, make your room super cosy. If possible place, you should use your fireplace or place a woodburning stove.

32-Unique posters;

Interesting and unique posters- not cheap prints based on your interest such as ‘Diagram of the human anatomy’ for someone interested in human biology- is a good idea.

Besides, you can putt things up on the walls- mostly the meaningful quotes, if you like quotes a lot!


If possible invest artworks with a good quality frame.
Don’t put posters on the wall. Instead, hang paintings or portraits. Something classy, the frames being consistent in quality and shape.

34-Blackout curtains and draperies;

If you are not happy with the dull blinds, take down them and put a double curtain rod with a white textured sheer and then warm colour, light-blocking curtains.

The sheer curtains filter the light and make the room a diffused bright and the light-blocking helps when we want to watch movies, have the privacy, reduce the heat in the summer and increase it during the winter.

35-Ottomans and window seating;

Portable ottomans are the key if you need footrests. Look into smaller and mobile ones that can be tucked away.

35-Light and dark;

You can either use the balance or contrast of the light and dark to achieve a cosy room.


More layers almost in every item.

37-Radiator Covers;

Place wood radiator covers for the steel or cast iron radiators. Then paint them any colour matching with your room colour scheme.


Be careful in the bedroom. Sitting room clocks have many opportunities. Besides, you can showcase antique or family heritage.


A nice mirror may help bounce light and just elevate the perceived size of the room so it’s not so limited if that makes sense.

41-Board games;

On that note. If you are into board games, grab a couple and place them up somewhere nice. Possible conversation topic. A lot of people love board games.


These ideas are for decoration alterations without a big and major building and construction investment, but they make your room super cosy You should select the best for your room and of course the ones you like to go with.
If you need a professional consultation and help, you can contact Dr Hatice.

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  1. Thank you for telling me that making a room cozy is all about giving its inhabitants a good sensory experience and soft, warm feels. My roommate and I have both been busy with our subjects and thought that it will be a good thing to customize our living area now that we are on vacation. I’ll try to shop for warm lights, sweet scents, and Bluetooth speakers that can give out slow and soft melodic music to complete the vibe we’re aiming for.

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