How to choose best conservatory furniture?

I design conservatories and extensions as part of my business and I sometimes help my clients to choose furniture for their conservatories. Most of the time I observe that only option is rattan furniture sets. However, they are not the only option. In fact, I rarely advise rattan furniture, because they are outdoor, garden furniture. If my clients want to use their conservatory as a big part of their home, I suggest other cool designs so that that feel the interior of the conservatory cosier and warmer.

Here is a list of 11 awesome conservatory furniture you can select.

1- Bamboo frame with a smart upholstery

2- Traditional and/or classic sofa with durable cotton fabric

3- Light and Japandi furniture style

4- Steel frame with traditional wooden add-ons

5- Modern and arty armchair

6- Rope matched with rustic wood details

7- Pure Scandinavian lines

8-Leather in a wooden conservatory

9- Rustic furniture in a full glass conservatory

10- Eclectic armchair made up of DIY

11- Easy refurbished- even recycled- sofa with lots of cushions

My selections of the best conservatory furniture as an alternative to rattan or cane;
best conservatory furniture
Bamboo frame sofa.

1- Bamboo frame with smart upholstery

Bamboo is perfect for people that are searching for eco-friendly furniture. Bamboo stripes are well-known to be durable, so if you are looking for a long-lasting furniture option then you have the bamboo sofa that you can rely on.
Though bamboo is a grass and it is not a wood, they are highly durable yet stylish. There are doubts about bamboo prices. Honestly,  The cost is maybe a little higher in some models than traditional oak or other choices of wood, but it lasts longer than those.
I also can find many affordable and stylish models even in low-mid budget shops, such as the Argos in the UK. For instance, ‘Argos Home 4 Seater Bamboo Sofa Set‘ has many good reviews from buyers. If it is still on stock, you will see from this link that this set with two-seater sofa, two armchair and a coffee table is a budget saver. Though it is outdoor furniture for garden or balcony, I like the cosy lines and details for inside your conservatory.
Since your conservatory will get more sun than any other place, you have to be careful about the fabric that you will pick. It needs to be strong enough for the colour changes because of the sunshine. The only negative aspect is that bamboo sofa has yet not widespread and you may have difficulty to find a variety of options.
Traditional corner sofa set.

2- Traditional/classic sofa with durable cotton fabric

This traditional style choice o a long way toward making your conservatory be part of your living room or an open-plan kitchen like an extension. But without a low height sofa, it is not fully available to get the sunshine.

It may seem like buying a big classic sofa would be really expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can reupholster your old sofa- if needed- and use it in your conservatory. Just you need enough room to place a large style compared to the rattan. If you have a large period house and especially a Victorian or P-type conservatory, there is no reason not to fit it.

So what about the smaller lean-to modern conservatories?

3- Light and Japandi furniture style

The minimalist design philosophy is the best for smaller and contemporary conservatories. The light Japandi furniture is the perfect sofa seater for the stylish minimalist.
However, I like to feel my conservatory room comfy as much as possible.  Therefore, I can suggest a Japandi furniture style, which you may not have heard it before or started to see in interior design magazines.
Well, the idea is actually quite simple in Japandi. The Japanese design principles blend with the  Scandinavian ones, which I described my article “21 ways to create Japandi Style”. The best comfy feeling is created by taking the best characteristics of each design style.
best conservatory furniture
Modern armchair

4- Modern and arty armchair

If you’re like me and love to enjoy the playfulness of modern lines, even many people think they are a cold-looking feature, you can create a warm corner in your conservatory space.  It’s totally worth looking into some models of modern furniture in a conservatory.

One of the secrets that I create a cosy atmosphere in space is using mixing pure modern with other styles. For instance, you can put contemporary armchair at the corner of a rustic wooden sofa set. To increase the warmness of the conservatory, you can use fur throw, cushions and wool rug.

best conservatory furniture

5- Steel frame with traditional wooden add-ons

One of the hardest things about choosing furniture for the conservatory is the lack of enough spacious and solid space.  Whether you have a full glass or dwarf wall conservatory, you need enough space to place sofa, table and armchair.

Think about the big sofa or table style you love to sit when you’re in your sitting room or garden. It’s probably you can’t place them in your small conservatory, but there are options you can have without sacrificing the style you like to use.

This really comes with the solution in details. You need to figure out what you really need. Then buy the slim details such as having steel frame legs for durability and wood tops.

6- Rope matched with rustic wood details

If you are looking for a smaller and casual look, the garden rattan styles are still good. However, if you are looking for something different from the ones that everybody has, you can use the wicker rattan chairs with a rustic wood table.

With the rattan furniture, there are many options for design styles, models and rattan material. I love a woven rope handmade hair rope instead of synthetic or plastic for interior use. If you are looking for a stylish, and affordable furniture, this is a great idea.

best conservatory furniture

7- Pure Scandinavian lines

Despite the sophisticated look of Japandi, Scandinavian furniture is best when we start to speak about the cold and severe weather conditions.

The light coloured wood light pine is the main characteristic of Scandinavian interiors provides you with the option of both lighter in the conservatory while not feeling the seating set too bulky. The fabric also increases the warm feeling. The mid-century design style also provides to match the works of modern representatives such as Picasso or Monet.

8-Leather in a wooden conservatory

The leather furniture is not the best option in a conservatory, especially when it is south facing one. Rather than a conservatory, wooden, orangery or extensions (with thicker blinds and or not south-facing) are more convenient to experience the natural look of leather. That makes it so the leather will not change colour due to the ultraviolet lights from the sun.

That said, artificial leathers protected from direct exposure of sunlight via curtains, blinds or even window films is another solution. The easiest way to protect the leather get dry and cracked is to look after it with a leather protection balm.

9- Rustic furniture in a full glass conservatory

If the wood conservatory and wood cladding are too much for you, you can prefer to pick modern rustic furniture. The rustic style was

The popular use of “rustic modern’ is associated with Marilyn Monroe; however, it has been known well as interior design style long after her, which we should look to 2000s trends.

Since rustic furniture is solid wood, it not only has strength over the years but the warm feeling when you sit. The raw and reclaimed wood needs a careful balance in any genre of space.

Even though it appears to be a simple design style, there are some challenges to get a dazzling rustic interior. It is not the wood but what details you are going to you pick such as the cast iron apparatus or other furniture choices that will go along with your wood.

10- Eclectic armchair made up of DIY

With the different layers of fabrics- with all are in different styles, colours and geometry- banded together on one armchair upholstery, you have your first DIY eclectic seating.

With the range of colours, the affordable upcycled yet stylish look, many people fall in love with the eclectic style. It is not too challenging to have a cool look when compared the rustic style that I explained prior part.

This DIY furniture can go anywhere such as a conservatory, greenhouse or extension without any doubt.  This is a great option that you can create your own design taste, colour without spending a fortune.

11- Easy refurbished- even recycled- sofa with lots of cushions

OK. If you are new to the DIY home makeover or you are looking for simple solutions for upcycling or re-use, then you can spread lots of cushions and throws on your old sofa. With the number of cushions, fabric options out in the market, you even don’t have to re-upholster your sofa fabric.
While the geometry, colour, style of the fabrics are forerunner factors for many, the quality, durability and ability to be washed are quite important in a conservatory use.

Related Questions:

Should you prefer rattan or cane conservatory furniture?

If you are looking for lightweight furniture, and you have a basic lean-to conservatory, looking for rattan or cane first would be the best choice. There are many websites, furniture suppliers and sellers who offer quality rattan at affordable prices.

Is the type of conservatory has an impact on my furniture?

Whether you have a historic house with classic decor or modern and minimalist design will eventually determine the choice of furniture. To learn about what type of conservatory you may have, please read my article here.

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