Country style home of an American expat

Organising a move to a new country presents a myriad of challenges, from preparing your current living situation to settling into a foreign place. Despite the difficulties, it’s an opportunity to test your boundaries and try new things.

An American Expat’s Dream Country Home: A Blend of Styles



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United Kingdom

Project BRIEF

Our client moved from the United States to a British territory for work and needed our help in designing her new home. She expressed her desire for a mix of American and French country style with a touch of industrial aesthetics in her new home design. We proposed a Chester-style sofa paired with two country-style armchairs, maintaining the natural wood trims and embellishing them just enough to match the desired ambiance.



The interior of the home showcases a perfect blend of rustic and elegant elements, from the vintage furniture to the distressed wood flooring. The use of industrial lighting fixtures and metal accents in the decor adds an edgy touch to this country-style home. The overall design creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.

We incorporated local artwork, including depictions of Scottish highland cows, deer, and elephants to evoke the client’s nostalgia for American wildlife.

– Dr Hatice Ellis, Founder

Interior design concepts

To achieve a fresh and bright atmosphere for the home office, we opted for a natural wood and color palette. But, we also wanted to add some interest and chose a multitude of textures for the upholstery. For a cozier seating area, we suggested placing a natural felt rug on top of the wooden floor.

To diversify the seating units, we presented two alternatives in our design concept. We visualized the room with a brown Chester sofa and a French country style armchair. Even though the latter was placed in the main seating zone, our client preferred the Chester one as it provided a more comfortable spot for reading.

To enhance the overall look, we incorporated industrial nodes in both lighting and accessories. The pendant lights above the dining table, along with the large clock on the wall, subtly complemented the pastoral feel of the room.

The use of wood, cotton fabric, and a light color palette further enhanced the natural elements of the design.

– HaticeXInterior

ALTERNATIVE visualisations


This beautiful home is the perfect blend of American and French country styles with a hint of industrial design.

– HaticeXInterior Design and Architecture