4 elegant Italian garden furniture companies

Couches and chairs, bookcases and benches…you’ll spend time and money on choosing these to get the feel of your living or dining room just right. Why should your garden be any different with elegant Italian garden furniture?

But instead of just heading down to your local garden furniture outlet, how about adding some Italian style to the back lawn?

elegant Italian garden furniture
Image Source: Luxury Living Outdoor

I’d like to introduce you to four companies that exhibited at the 2019 Milan Furniture Fair. Here comes;

  1. Elegant lines: Luxury living outdoor

  2. The flair of the 1920s coffee house: Calos

  3. Featuring beauty, functionality and playful details: Baleri

  4. The nautical world and exotic voyages: Talenti

1- Luxury Living Outdoor

To me, their style is modern and minimalist, but still has a homely feel to it.

Perfect for the new-build property, but providing a pleasant outdoor contrast for the more traditional one.

elegant Italian garden furniture

Image Source: Luxury Living Outdoor

Cap Ferrat:

I particularly like their Cap Ferrat range since it represents the idea of elegant Italian garden furniture

The chic urban locations and villas of New York were the inspiration for this outdoor furniture. Therefore, this furniture style offers exclusive tailor-made craftsmanship and an interplay of light and shade.

Image Source: Luxury Living Outdoor

Marble table tops, clean but angled lines, attractive fabrics and just the right amount of detailing make the practical stylish and sophisticated.

An emotional journey that, reading between the lines of the collection, captures the symbiotic relationship between man and nature, placing it within a crystallised, ambitiously perfect, universe. –Luxury Living Outdoor

Image Source: Luxury Living Outdoor

From an architect’s point, this is a very special product which combining the light frame of the cords. The aluminium frame increases the durability of form for outdoor use.

Even in harsh and wild weathers, “the welcoming design of the geometry invites you to immerse yourself in nature.”

Take a look at their website at www.luxurylivinggroup.com/luxury-living-outdoor.

2- Calos

elegant Italian garden furniture
Image source: colos.it

Founded in 2013, the company’s mission is to “conceive and develop affordable and quality products, tracing the heritage of Italian know-how up to the industrial landscape of the 21st century,” producing furniture for catering, home and public spaces.

Image source: colos.it

Its designers have made that mission very possible, and they have certainly chosen to accept it.

We all need something to sit on and four of my favourite chairs are the Piazza, the Split, the Villa and the Stecca.

elegant Italian garden furniture
Image source: colos.it

The Piazza’s curved back and angled seat give it a sense of living. Made from a single piece of plastic, it could just as easily have been fashioned from wood.

Image source: colos.it

The Split has even more life about it. Its back reminds me of a lady’s swimsuit and to go with that there are those long slim legs!

elegant Italian garden furniture
Image source: colos.it

The Villa will have you bringing out the breakfast brioche as often as you can. Or a café at any time of day. It may be made of metal rather than cane, but put these out and your patio will become a petit peu de Paris.

Pergola of grapes in the patio Greece Crete- Image source: colos.it

The Stecca is simplicity itself, but its practicality is combined with attractive curves.

The chair is comfortable where comfort is required and strong where strength is required. The use of materials is reduced on purpose, to give the chair a lighter appearance, underlined also by its dynamic traces.

3- Baleri

Image Source: baleri-italia.it

The company’s founders, Enrico Baleri and Marilisa Decimo, certainly believe in the KISS principle, and keeping it simple has proved to be very…successful.

For 35 years, it continues to create furniture and accessories that feature “beauty, functionality and playful details,” always keeping to its core value that design should be timeless and meaningful.

elegant Italian garden furniture
Image Source: baleri-italia.it

Here are two of its chairs.


The Donna is just “cool”. Simple yet sassy, and “at home” inside or outside, with different versions available for either.

Image Source: baleri-italia.it

To me, the Paloma is the company-in-one product. Yes, it is beautiful, yes, it is functional and yes, it is playful. The design is definitely meaningful and it will prove to be timeless.

Paloma, outdoor and indoor, is an archetype chair, that aims to translate in the space the gestural sketch of a pencil on paper drawing the idea of a simple chair, just a chair, nothing more.

4- Talenti

elegant Italian garden furniture
Image Source: Talenti

Talenti’s founder was Fabrizio Carneli. He has applied the skills he learned in his family’s marble company to the world of the design and production of high-quality outdoor furniture.

The company’s success rests on four pillars:

  • Talent (which it sees as where “urgency of expression” meets the “strong inclination” that is“[the] ability to be yourself, imagine and achieve”);
  • Family (everyone who works for the company is seen as part of a family not a corporate body);
  • Innovation (the company always looks forward); and
  • Italian Elegance (it wouldn’t be Italian if it wasn’t elegant).
Image Source: Talenti

I’ve picked out two of their collections.


The first one is the Panama. It comprises: armchairs, a love-seat sofa, pouffe, hammock, sunbed, daybed, dining chair, bar-stool and coffee tables.

Their curves might belong on the wings of a butterfly and the design is an evocation of summer breezes and sun.

elegant Italian garden furniture
Image Source: Talenti

The other is the Cruise: a modular sofa, three-seater sofa, armchair, pouffe, coffee tables, dining table and chairs and side table.

I like the tones of the fabric and synthetic rope, which co-ordinate perfectly with the solid teak in the frame.

The large seats are just made for you to sit back and relax in, as you sail away on the waves of your imagination.

Rope, fabric, and wood are just some elements that come together to create a relaxing oasis in a fresh, exclusive, and unmistakable style.


These Italian outdoor furniture models and companies are the best in the market. They represent elegant Italian garden furniture successfully. I hope they will inspire you in your garden design.

…Godetevi il vostro giardino! …Enjoy your garden!