23 essential ingredients for modern kitchen design

When it comes to design your kitchen, modern is one of the most popular design styles for many of us. However, very few of us know what modern really means. There are many definitions sometimes some concepts are used interchangeably. 

First and foremost, the modern design style means a new way of life. The modern kitchen design is a new way of function and beauty in your kitchen enable this new life.

I gathered the 23 ingredients for Modern kitchen, since I learned a lot about modern architecture, art and design as an architect.

23 ingredients modern kitchen

Modern kitchen design:

1. is a new way of life.

2. has an open floor plan.

3. removes ornament,

4. is a minimal design

5. approves new technology

6. has verticality

7. has horizontal lines

8. likes geometry in furniture

9. seeks innovation

10. uses natural materials.

11. uses natural light

12. places custom-made metal pendants

13. has fine craftsmanship.

14. shows structural elements

15. uses bare reinforced concrete 

16. creates an industrial style kitchen

17. uses metals

18. uses primary colours

19. uses primary colours as a focal point

20. creates a contrasting use of pattern

21. has modular kitchen units and cabinets

22. has inspired by Japanese architecture

23. has organic forms

23 essential ingredients for modern kitchen design

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1. is a new way of life;

Modern kitchen enables a new way of living including practicality and functionality. The first element of the 23 ingredients modern kitchen is that the basic motto is form follows function.

2. has an open floor plan;

A modern kitchen has an open floor plan and furniture layout in most cases. You can combine the kitchen area and dining and or daily sitting spaces.

23 ingredients modern kitchen

3. removes ornament;

cutting excess and any decoration or historical associations; favours simple and sleek lines in hardware and appliances. 

23 ingredients modern kitchen

4. is a minimal design;

likes the minimalist clean look, for instance, cabinets without handles, hidden and/or built-in appliances to eliminate the cluttering.

Note: For more about minimal and Japandi design, you can read my blog here.

23 ingredients modern kitchen

5. approves new technology;

introduces and uses new technology as much as possible. At present, people like to try high technology tools and smart applications. 

6. has verticality;

uses  vertical elements such as tower units and built-in appliances

23 ingredients modern kitchen

7. has horizontal lines;

emphasizes horizontal lines- like long counter-tops with different materials- to balance the vertical elements in the kitchen

8. likes geometry in furniture;

uses geometric and/or practical furniture, for instance bar stools.

23 ingredients modern kitchen

9. seeks innovation in materials;

seeks innovative use of new building materials and kitchen furniture

10. uses natural materials;

uses natural materials such as wood, leather etc

11. uses natural light;

prefers natural light with large horizontal and ceiling to floor windows

23 ingredients modern kitchen

12. places custom-made metal pendants;

places custom-made metal lightings and creative pendants

13. has fine craftsmanship;

carves fine craftsmanship and good quality furniture

14. shows structural elements;

braves of showing some structural elements

23 ingredients modern kitchen

15. uses bare reinforced concrete;

uses bare reinforced concrete walls and/or exposed brick

16. creates an industrial style kitchen;

dares to create an industrial even factory kitchen look

23 ingredients modern kitchen

17. uses metals;

uses metals- most significantly steel, brass, and copper not only in hardware and appliances but in accessories

18. uses neutral primary colours;

uses primary colours white and black

23 ingredients modern kitchen

19. uses primary colours as a focal point;

uses primary colours as a focal point in either white or black spaces

20. creates a contrasting use of pattern;

creates a contrasting use of pattern

23 ingredients modern kitchen

21. has modular kitchen units and cabinets;

follow the modular design principles for an easy commodification and purchasing of kitchen cabinets and hardware so that it is acknowledging the good design more accessible to people

22. has inspired by Japanese architecture;

has an influence from Japanese and Asian style architecture

23 ingredients modern kitchen

23. has organic forms;

follows the organic forms and sustainable architecture principles